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IFMS Global Meeting Four Presentations
IFMS Global Meeting Four Presentations

Over twenty presentations were made at the IFMS Meeting on subjects ranging from enhancing international collobrations and domestic outreach to cooperation with Societes of other disciplines.

About the IFMS

Leaders of nineteen of the world’s regional and national meteorological societies recently met and unanimously agreed to form a first-ever International Forum of Meteorological Societies. The fundamental goal of the IFMS is very basic; it is to foster and encourage communication and exchange of knowledge, ideas and resources among the world’s more than sixty meteorological societies. Such exchanges occur today only on a bi-lateral basis or through the efforts of three regional meteorological societies: the African Meteorological Society, the European Meteorological Society (EMS), and the Latino American Federation of Meteorological Societies (FLISMET).

The IFMS is to be quite distinct from the World Meteorological Organization. Whereas the WMO is an agency of the United Nations that deals with observations, standards, data exchange and technology transfer among its 188 member states and territories, the IFMS will focus on advancing the goals and objectives of the world’s professional and scientific societies. The IFMS is intended to be an informal mechanism that facilitates interactions among Societies and, as such, will not have any legal or official formalism.