Message from the IFMS President

Dr. Harinder Ahluwalia, IFMS President

Welcome to the IFMS website.  IFMS was created to facilitate collaboration between the world’s
Meteorological Societies using modern channels of communication.

IFMS unites the World’s National Hydro-Meteorological Societies (NMSocs) in the same manner as
WMO does for National Hydro-Meteorological Services (NMSs). IFMS helps in
strengthening societies through this collaboration and also helps build capacity in the
least developed and developing countries. Since only NMSocs have the capacity to
bring professionals from the Public, Private, and Academic sectors together and create
networking and numerous capacity-building opportunities, we are ensuring that all
nations have an NMSoc and all continents have an RMS. In addition, only NMSocs
can become full members of IFMS and their RMS, we also help create new societies in
those countries which do not have one yet. We have recently created the African Meteorological Society ( In addition, we are working strongly on the creation of National Meteorological Societies in as many nations as possible.

With a very little contribution to Global Warming and Climate Change (GW&CC) by the least developed
and many developing countries (other than large ones), the disastrous effects of GW&CC will affect these
countries disproportionately. This is due to the dearth of infrastructure, knowledge base, institutional
capacity, and societal capacity in these countries.

Through its volunteer force and some financing, IFMS is prepared to assist National Meteorological
Services and WMO in rectifying the above situation. Our expert volunteer force consists of local experts
(both active and retired), the Diaspora which has achieved great success in other continents, and Friends
of Environment and Meteorology who are helping us in building capacity around the world in different

IFMS is ready to cooperate with WMO to achieve scientific progress and with WMO and the World Bank
for capacity building in developing countries.  We collaborate with WMO and Comet/UCAR for
education & training activities in support of capacity building. To support this effort, we also organize
Webinars, the frequency of which will increase with time. Our Newsletter is meant to discuss the issues
of importance to our members and associate members. You are requested to make a contribution by
providing us with interesting articles.

The developed nations are being urged to contribute $100 Billion per year to help needy nations to
develop green economies. Although this is a very laudable goal in the longer run, the fact remains that
their immediate need is capacity creation in the areas highlighted above in blue italicized letters. A part
of this fund should be used to strengthen National and Regional Meteorological Societies and IFMS.
Being a volunteer-based organization, we are always looking for volunteers to assist us in various
activities including the implementation of the Value Proposition. Please offer your services for this
noble cause.

IFMS needs finances to fulfill many of its value propositions.  We request all societies and their
members to donate money, as per their capability, to IFMS through their National Society.  We also
request WMO and the World Bank to make a financial contribution to the effort of IFMS which, for
the most part, is in support of their effort.

We look forward to your strong participation in the activities of the IFMS which are designed to
strengthen the Global Weather Enterprise.

Good luck,

Dr. Harinder Ahluwalia
President IFMS