Message from the IFMS President

Dr. Harinder Ahluwalia, IFMS President

Welcome to the IFMS website.  IFMS was created to facilitate collaboration between the world’s Meteorological Societies using modern channels of communication.

IFMS unites the World’s National Hydro-Meteorological Societies in the same manner as WMO does for National Hydro-Meteorological Services. IFMS helps in strengthening societies through this collaboration and also helps build capacity in developing countries.

IFMS is ready for cooperation with WMO to achieve scientific progress and with WMO and the World Bank for capacity building in developing countries.  We plan to collaborate with WMO and Comet/UCAR for education & training activities in support of capacity building. In support of this effort we also organize Webinars, the frequency of which will increase with time.

An important part of this implementation is upgrading information on our website, along with implementing modern means of communication such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

The website includes Tabs for Collaboration and Resources.  Under Collaboration, you have the possibility to look for Research partners, cooperate in each other’s conferences and seek International Opportunities.  Under the Resources Tab, you can share any interesting Webinars, Best Practices and Free Publications of those societies which are prepared to share them at no cost.

We have started the IFMS Newsletter containing information about our progress and any new initiatives.  It also contains articles contributed by member societies. These articles include S&T papers as well as announcements of any new events of member societies or Summaries of the recently completed events.

Being a volunteer-based organization, we are always looking for volunteers to assist us in various activities including implementation of the Value Proposition.  Please offer your services for this noble cause.  

IFMS needs finances to fulfill many of its value propositions.  We request all societies and their members to donate money, as per their capability, to IFMS through their National Society.  We also request WMO and the World Bank to make a financial contribution to the effort of IFMS which, in most part, is in support of their effort.

Please note that the IFMS Meeting #6 is planned to be held in Boston, USA on January 14 and 15, 2020 (Tuesday and Wednesday) concurrently with the AMS Centennial Conference and Celebration which is scheduled January 12 to 16, 2020 (Sunday to Thursday).  We hope that all member societies and would-be member societies will attend this meeting.   We look forward to your strong participation in the activities of the IFMS which are designed to strengthen the Global Weather Enterprise.

Dr. Harinder Ahluwalia
President IFMS

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