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Argentina Meteorological Society

Purpose and Objective

  • Promote the professional improvement of the meteorological activity in the country.
  • Promote and encourage the scientific-technological activities of meteorology in the country.
  • Ensure the defense of the collective and individual interests of its members and represent them before the competing authorities.
  • To manage before the public authorities the sanction of regulatory laws of meteorologists profession and to monitor their compliance.
  • Make efforts before public authorities and public and private organizations, for the benefit of partners.
  • Maintain and foster the spirit of union between people who belong to CAM.
  • Promote the creation of scientific relations with the similar Societies of the country and abroad.
  • Publish a scientific and technical journal that is its official body.
  • Hold conferences, congresses, courses and competitions on topics related to the profession, being able to establish awards and rewards for the authors of the best works.
  • Maintain a library to which books, magazines, maps, digital repositories, etc., acquired by purchase, donation, legacy or exchange will belong.
  • To sponsor, manage and collaborate in the teaching of courses, conferences and / or conducting research by professionals, national or foreign, of recognized trajectory.
  • To agree and / or manage scholarships for the study and improvement of the profession.
  • Encourage the study of the environment and promote its protection.
  • Promote the dissemination of meteorological information produced by professional meteorologists and activities related to meteorology.

Acronym: CAM

Country or Region: Argentina

Established Since: 11th July, 1969

Number of Members: 200



President Alvaro Scardilli: [email protected]

or [email protected].



Other Society Information:

The CAM is the Association that brings together professional meteorologists in Argentina.

CAM associates are Doctors, Graduates, Bachelors and Technicians with studies in Meteorology, and related professionals.

It was founded on July 11, 1969, with the main objective of promoting the PROFESSIONAL improvement of the meteorological activity.

The CAM supports various initiatives that the partners present to contribute to scientific and technical improvements.

It organizes the Argentine Congress of Meteorology every 3 years, which is the only one in the country dedicated to this specialty (12 editions to date).

Periodically publishes the journal METEOROLOGICA (43 volumes).

It is part and co-founder of the Latin American Federation of Meteorology Societies (FLISMET), having permanent relationship with national and international related organizations.