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European Meteorological Society

Purpose and Objective

The European Meteorological Society (EMS) will advance the science, profession and application of meteorology, and of sciences related to it, at the Europe-wide level, for the benefit of the whole population. To this end EMS will work to enhance cooperation, communication and understanding between Member Societies and Associate Members.

Acronym: EMS

Country or Region: Europe, including all regions defined through WMO-RA VI

Established Since: 1999

Number of Members: 36 Member Societies and 29 Associate Members



Executive Secretary: ems-sec at
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Other Society Information:

The membership of the EMS consists of national or regional meteorological societies. The EMS is strongly supported by Associate Members, organisations with an interest in the aims of the EMS.

The main activity of the EMS is the preparation of the EMS Annual Meetings: European Conference for Applied Meteorology and Climatology. View past and upcoming meetings here.

In 2011 the EMS adopted the Code of Practice as guidelines for individuals of the meteorological community on how to communicate honestly and reliably, with the general public, including the media, on issues of meteorology and in particular on complex or controversial issues such as climate change.

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