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Indian Meteorological Society §

Purpose and Objective

The Indian Meteorological Society is a nonprofit scientific organization with the purpose of i)Advancement of Meteorological and allied sciences in all their aspects, ii) Dissemination of knowledge of such sciences both among the scientific workers and among the public and iii)Promotion of application of Meteorology and allied sciences to various constructive human activities such as, agriculture and land uses, irrigation and power development, navigation of sea and air, engineering and technology, medicine and public health etc.

Acronym: IMS

Country or Region: India, Asia

Established Since: 1956

Number of Members: Over 3500



Secretary, IMS:     [email protected] 
         Room #605, Satellite Meteorological Building
         Mausam Bhavan Complex 
          Lodi Road, New Delhi-110 003
President:    Dr.Sushil Kumar Dash
         Formerly Professor and Head
         Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT Delhi, India
         [email protected]; [email protected]
Secretary:    Dr. D. R. Pattanaik
         Scientist F
          India Meteorological Department
         [email protected]


VayuMandal (Bulletin of Indian Meteorological Society) 

Other Society Information:

At present IMS has more than 3500 Life Members from 100 or more research institutes, universities, user agencies, NGOs and industries. There are also several student members. The society has its headquarters in New Delhi with 31 chapters spread across the country. 

Major activities of IMS are to encourage and expand research activities; organize meetings, discussions, symposia & conferences;  arrange to publish suitable publications and promote cooperation in scientific work as far as possible between the government departments, academics and other research institutions, scientific societies and industries. IMS holds its annual conference named TROPMET in one of its local chapters turn wise, especially for the benefit of young researchers and early carrier scientists. Once every four years, international conference INTROMET is held in lieu of TROPMET. Realizing the importance of weather and climate science in today's world, IMS has been focusing on public outreach programmes such as teachers training, awareness campaigns, extreme weather events, climate services etc for the benefit of the society at large. To encourage research work and provide information on the latest developments in the Atmospheric Sciences, IMS publishes its own Research journal “VayuMandal” (Bulletin of IMS) twice a year.  

Every year, IMS elects some of its distinguished life members as Fellows based on their contribution to research in the field of Meteorology and related topics, to IMS activities and also to the societal issues. Similarly, young life members of IMS are elected as Associated Fellows based on their contributions. Honorary Fellows are also elected based on their contribution to Science Technology. The prestigious Sir Gilbert Walker Gold Medal (International), IMS Young Scientist Award and various other IMS Awards are instituted by IMS to recognize the contributions of distinguished scientists and to honor them. 

The election for the various posts of National Council (NC) of IMS  is held every two years. The office bearers of IMS NC include   the President, Immediate Past President, Two Vice Presidents, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Eight Council Members. Every Local Chapter of IMS has its  own Executive Council consisting of Chairman, Secretary and members elected every two years.