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East African Meteorological Society

Purpose and Objective

The main objective of the Society is to coordinate the advancement of the science of meteorology and related sciences, and to facilitate the development of applications of these disciplines in socio-economic development of the region for the public good and benefit of the peoples of East Africa and beyond. The specific objectives of the Society are to:

  1. Harmonize and strengthen  policies and  activities of the National Meteorological Societies of the Partner States
  2. Contribute to the development and  review of the meteorological services policies in the East African Community;
  3. Promote the development and dissemination of information and education on meteorology and related sciences and their applications;
  4. Create fora for collaboration and interaction amongst Members of the Society, individuals and bodies both corporate and non-corporate, who may share the Society’s interests
  5. Participate in the formulation and development of research agenda for Meteorology and harmonization of  meteorological research and Education in the region;
  6. Develop, agree, implement, review and maintain a short term as well as  a long term funding strategy for the society
  7. Facilitate, participate in and organize scientific meetings, workshops and symposia devoted to various aspects of Meteorology in order to stimulate research and promote interdisciplinary research and education
  8. Promote the dissemination of basic and applications research results in meteorology
  9. Support the preparation of proceedings of workshops, courses and symposia, monographs, journal articles, and other publications as appropriate;
  10. Recognize individuals in the EAC region who have made outstanding contribution to the development of the science of meteorology
  11. Facilitate the dissemination and application of these advances to benefit weather/climate  forecasting and its applications
  12. Promote the publication of relevant research results in international scientific journals;
  13. Work out programmes in consultation with the relevant institutions to encourage young scientists to enter  the field of Meteorology
  14. Work out modalities of certifying meteorologists in East Africa.
  15. EAMS shall set standards and harmonize certification of meteorologists in the Partner States 


Country or Region: East Africa

Established Since: Not yet incorporated (Constitution and By-laws under review)

Number of Members: 6 corporate members (National Meteorological Societies of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan)



Current President, John Mungai:;




Other Society Information:

The society will be incorporated in one of the Partner States of East African Community as soon as the Constitution and by- laws are reviewed and agreed upon.