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Ethiopian Meteorological Society

Purpose and Objective

The aims of the Society are to:
  • contribute to the promotion of the improvement and modernization of the science of meteorology, hydrology and atmospheric sciences in Ethiopia;
  • promote research in the field of meteorology and allied sciences;
  • carry out capacity building activities so that its members are armed with the state of the art  in their professional field;
  • ensure that meteorology and allied sciences are applied for the economic development of Ethiopia;  
  • issue a scientific Journal periodically;
  •  create awareness among the public in Ethiopia regarding the benefit of meteorological science; and
  •  promote close association among its members.

Current President: Mr. Tafesse Regassa

Acronym: EtMS

Country or Region: Ethiopia

Established Since: 2007

Number of Members: 200



Workneh Degefu Manager & Executive Secretary, Tel. +251911790703, email : [email protected]


Journal of Ethiopian Meteorological Society ( JEMS ), EtMS News Letter

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