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International Association for Urban Climate

Purpose and Objective

IAUC is an international, non-governmental organization that represents scientists and other experts with interests in urban climate and meteorology.  We have over 1000 members from 100 countries. We are researchers, academics, urban designers, architects, health scientists, meteorologists, climatologists, air quality scientists. We represent educational, research, government, non-profit and private sector interests.

Our mission: to represent the urban climatological and meteorological community internationally, providing a forum for discussion for those in the community through triennial meetings and to support communication among its members via electronic means.  Our primary goals are to: 

  • Foster an interest in education and scholarship related to urban climate and meteorology;
  • Facilitate communication with policy makers and applied end-users of urban meteorological and climatological data;
  • Encourage the use of urban climate and meteorological information into the design, planning and operation of urban areas in order they may become safer, healthier and more sustainable.

Acronym: IAUC

Country or Region: International (official administrative address is Dublin, Ireland)

Established Since: August 2000

Number of Members: ~1100



Prof. James Voogt  (President), Email: [email protected]


Urban Climate News is the official quarterly newsletter of the IAUC (available from

Other Society Information:

We are free, member driven society with no dues that is overseen by a Board of member-elected representatives.

IAUC organizes a triennial International Conference on Urban Climate (ICUC), to date there have been 9 ICUCs with ICUC-10 scheduled for summer 2018. 

IAUC has a memorandum of agreement with WMO on cooperation with respect to the new WMO cross-cutting urban focus as part of the UN Habitat New Urban Agenda.

IAUC hosts a number of web-based discussion/working groups.

IAUC maintains meturbclim listserve.

IAUC hosts an on-line Urban Climate Bibliography (freely accessible to all) that is updated on a quarterly basis along with links to several other bibliographic references hosted by WMO. We also host a number of classic texts on urban climate and teaching resources.

IAUC hosts the Urban Flux Network.

IAUC is collaboration with the WUDAPT (World Urban Database project).