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International Association of Broadcast Meteorology

Purpose and Objective


  • To represent the worldwide broadcast meteorology community
  • To collaboratively work with WMO through our Observer Status, and with other appropriate organisations including SMF/FIM, AMS, EMS and NMHSs, to support and promote the profession of Broadcast Meteorology
  • To support and encourage members in the improved delivery of weather and climate services to the public, especially those from developing countries
  • To promote, encourage and organise conferences and other opportunities for members to network and engage in Continuing Professional Development
  • To actively encourage members to maintain the highest professional standards through promoting appropriate initiatives and mechanisms
  • To encourage members to contribute to disaster risk reduction through the provision of timely and accurate weather forecasts and warnings to the public
  • To actively support and develop regional sub-groups to enhance the focus on national and regional weather broadcast issues.

Acronym: IABM

Country or Region: Worldwide, but registered in Ireland, as a company limited by guarantee, with the Companies Office, Dublin.

Established Since: 1994

Number of Members: Around 200 members, but as most of them are working in the media we have the capacity to reach, through our members, many millions of people around the world. IABM also has a significant database of weather-presenters around the world who broadcast on Twitter and other social media.



Jay Trobec [email protected]; Mike Favetta [email protected]; Gerald Fleming [email protected]; Inge Niedek, past-chairman, [email protected]


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Other Society Information:

The IABM has observer status with the World Meteorological Organisation.