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Kenya Meteorological Society

Purpose and Objective

The Society shall be a non-profit making institution whose main object shall be the advancement of the science of meteorology and its applications in the Republic of Kenya and beyond.

The Society purposes to:

1). On regular basis, collect, analyze and publish information which contributes to the promotion of meteorological knowledge.

2). Facilitate the communication of discoveries and innovations which contribute towards advancement of meteorological knowledge.

3). Collect  and  maintain  an  up-to-date  library  of  scientific  works  in  meteorology  and related sciences.

4). Collaborate with other professional organizations and institutions, both within and outside the Republic of Kenya for efficient and effective exchange of knowledge.

5). Seek and maintain affiliation to relevant professional organizations at national, regional and international levels

6). Promote research in meteorological science.

7).Secure and safeguard the property of the Society.

8).Promote    professional    standards    within    the    practice    and    application    of meteorological and other related sciences in Kenya.

Acronym: KMS

Country or Region: Kenya

Established Since: 1987

Number of Members: 342



Dr. Richard Muita

[email protected]


Scientific Journals:


Met-related opportunities

Other Society Information:

Current President: Ms. Stella Aura, MBS

  1. The society registers individuals, institutions and organizations interested in advancing the goals and objectives of the Society as her members.
  2. The society registers experienced academicians in the field of meteorology and related sciences in the editorial board; who aid in maintaining standards and professionalism in our publications.
  3. The society partakes to organize conferences/seminars hence providing the avenue for communication of discoveries and innovations for advancement of meteorological knowledge, within the country and beyond.