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Nigerian Meteorological Society

Purpose and objective of your Society:

To promote the science of meteorology and its application

Acronym: NMetS

Country or Region: NIGERIA

Established Since: 1986

Number of Members: 439

Current President: Professor Adeyewa Z.D.

Current President’s Email: [email protected]

Name of general body member assigned by your society as AfMS contact and his/her contact
 Professor Adeyewa Z.D.

Publications: The Journal Of Meteorology And Climate Science 

Other Society Information:

  1. Organising workshops/seminars where participants are trained on how to manage the negative impacts of both weather and climate vagaries and extremes for safety and to maximize profits in their-day-to day economic activities.
  2. The society sponsors conferences where scientific papers are presented and communique develop for decision makers.
  3. The society also publishes articles on its Journal.