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Portuguese Association of Meteorology and Geophysics

Purpose and Objective

  • Undertake efforts to promote research, teaching and applications of meteorological, geophysical and related sciences;
  • To cooperate with bodies developing meteorological and geophysical activities, establishing relations with them for defending the ethical and deontological principles of scientific and professional activities in their respective areas;
  • Collaborate with institutions working to protect the climate system and prevent natural disasters;
  • Relate to similar entities, organize and be represented at scientific meetings;
  • Foster union and fellowship among associates.

Acronym: APMG

Country or Region: Portugal

Established Since: 1996

Number of Members: 120



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Newsletters and Minutes of the Symposia

Other Society Information:

Current President: Luís Pessanha (Mr.) – [email protected]; [email protected] 
APMG is an independent, non-profit association that brings together scientists, professionals and anyone interested in any area of meteorological, geophysical or related sciences.