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Sudanese Meteorological Society

Purpose and Objective

  1. Encourage scientific research in Meteorology and related sciences.
  2. Spread meteorological and climatological practices among the different communities.


  1. Issue and disseminate scientific reports, journals, documents to raise the awareness of the public, scientific community and decision makers on how to maximize and make use of meteorological data and services.
  2. Organize seminars, workshops, lectures and Studies in collaboration with local, national and international Organizations.
  3. Initiate and design development projects for the benefit of the end users of meteorological services.
  4. Promote integration of Sudanese meteorological indigenous knowledge and good practices with the scientific knowledge.

Acronym: SUMS

Country or Region: Sudan – Africa

Established Since: 2003

Number of Members: :(Individual= 210, corporate/Associative members=20)



  1. Dr. Hassan Mohamed Hassan Addoma; President: [email protected]; [email protected]
  2. Ammar Mokhtar Gomaha, Secretary General. [email protected].sd;  [email protected]
  3. Information Office:  [email protected]

Physical location

Sudan, Khartoum, Africa Road, next to tennis playground


Sudan Meteorological Authority
Agrometeorology Division
P.O.Box 574



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