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Tanzanian Meteorological Society

Purpose and Objective

  1. To develop, advance and disseminate the scientific knowledge and profession of Meteorology, Hydrology and other related fields in all its phases and applications in Tanzania.
  2. To promote the scientific and technical applications of Meteorology, Hydrology and other related fields for rapid advancement of the various socio-economic activities in Tanzania.
  3. To popularize education and training in Meteorology, Hydrology and other related fields in Tanzania.
  4. To offer professional advice to individuals, organizations and institutions on relevant Meteorological, Hydrological and related matters.
  5. To foster co-operation with other societies in the fields of Meteorology, Hydrology and other related fields.
  6. The society shall be a non-profit organization and none of its income or net worth shall inure to the benefit of its members.

Current President: Dr. Buruhani S. Nyenzi

Acronym: TMS

Country or Region: Tanzania

Established Since: 1986

Number of Members: 110 Members of TMS are on voluntary basis involved in promoting Meteorology and raising awareness about climate change to students by visiting various secondary schools, research and higher learning Institutions and giving lecture on Climate change and sensitizing students to actively participate in environmental conservation and in climate change adaptation and mitigation.



Society email address:

President’s Email,

Dr. Ladislaus B. Chang’a , Secretary



Publications: Over the last few years there were no publications. Currently the Executive Board is working hard to revitalize the Societies activities

Other Society Information:

TMS has office provision at Tanzania Meteorological Agency