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Uganda Meteorological and Allied Professionals Association

Purpose and Objective

The Society shall be a non-profit making institution whose main object shall be the advancement of the science of meteorology and its applications in the Republic of Uganda.

1. To promote and defend the Meteorological profession and the applications of
meteorological information, and prediction services in the national and socio-economic

2. To create a forum for interaction with other associations and professionals nationally,
regionally and internationally by organising seminars, workshops and conferences,

3. To promote applied research relevant to national development

4. To print and publish any materials that promote the objectives of the profession.

Acronym: UMAPA

Country or Region: Republic of Uganda

Established Since: 2021

Number of Members: 20

Website: Under Development

Dr Isaac Mugume (Email: [email protected])
Mr Sam Ochoto (Email: [email protected])

Society President: Dr Isaac Mugume (Email: [email protected])

Publications: Yet to be planned