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Association Of Meteorologists Of Cameroon

Purpose and objective of your Society:

a) The defense of the interests of the group;
b) The promotion of meteorology in Cameroonian society;
c) The creation of cohesion between members;
d) The contribution to reducing the impacts of climate change and improving the adaptation of populations to these impacts

Acronym: AMECAM

Country or Region: Cameroon

Established Since: May 07, 2022

Number of Members: 50 for the moment. Registrations still going on

Current President: [email protected]

Society Email: [email protected]

Name of general body member assigned by your society as AfMS contact and his/her contact
: NDICHOUT MOLOU Emmanuel Lamblun

[email protected]

(+237) 655 35 15 00 /673 19 88 50

Other Society Information:
Twitter : @AMECAM2022

Facebook page: Amecam Officiel